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The Milwaukee Domes gift shop, Gifts Under Glass, has a wonderful selection of unique, beautiful gift ideas AND Milwaukee Domes souvenirs. The Domes gift shop specializes in artistic / educational gift items, most from local artists, for everyone on your shopping list.

Gifts Under Glass can be reached at: 414-257-5606

Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:00pm. Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am - 4:00pm.

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All Things Domes

All Things Domes

Product No. GSP5

We love the Domes!  Show your love of the Domes with all these souvenir items!  Keep some, gift some – spread the love. (We will contact you for curbside pickup at the Domes.)

  • Gardens Under Glass
  • My Trip to the Domes
  • Domes Oval Tac Pin
  • Domes Day Magnet
  • Domes Flower Magnet
  • Domes Layered Magnet
  • Domes Key Chain
  • Domes Metal Ornament
  • Domes Thimble
  • Domes Shot Glass
  • Domes Spoon
  • Domes Patch

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Desert Ambiance

Desert Ambiance

Product No. GSP6

Create a desert feeling with these fun desert themed items.

  • Desert Life Book
  • Cactus Playing Cards
  • Pepper Cocktail Napkin
  • Small Porcelain Cactus LED Light

We will contact you for curbside pick up at the Domes.

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We Love Nature

We Love Nature

Product No. GSP7

Three beautiful, hard cover books to learn about and get involved with nature. (We will contact you for curbside pickup at the Domes.)

  • Nature Activity Book
  • Gardening for Beginners 
  • Our Love of Bees

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Jo MacDonald Book Series

Jo MacDonald Book Series

Product No. GSP8

Enjoy these 3 wonderful children’s nature focused books from authors Mary Quattlebaum and Laura J. Bryant, inspired by childhood experiences with nature, wildlife, and gardening. The stories follow the adventures of fictional character Jo MacDonald with a musical twist on the traditional song, stories and award winning illustrations. (We will contact you for curbside pickup at the Domes.)

Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond
Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods
Jo MacDonald Had a Garden

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Camping Adventure

Camping Adventure

Product No. GSP9

Be sure you have all the fun things you need for the best camping experience – in the woods or your own backyard. (We will contact you for curbside pickup at the Domes.)

  • Adventure's Headlight
  • Pocket Torch
  • Magnifying glass
  • Microscope
  • Knife, Fork and Spoon

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